How to Personalise Your Card

Depending on the card you choose, there may be some minor changes to the comments below.

When you have chosen your card, click on the “Edit Card” box at the bottom.  The name will come up first.  Add the correct name and click on the tick box at the right.  Then click “Next”. 

If there is a photo, click on the “add Photo” box.  Choose your photo.  The software will warn you if the photo quality is not good enough quality and you can change it over.  You can also change the positioning with the arrow keys.  Once you are happy with the photo, tick the box on the right.  Then click “Next”. 

Some cards let you add a message on the left inside page, others do not.  If it does, when you are happy with your message, click “Next”.  On the right hand inside page there are usually two boxes.  Click on the main area and type in your message.   When you are happy with it, tick the box on the right.  The next box is for you name / signature.  When this is correct, tick the box the box on the right. The click “Next”. 

Or leave the centre pages blank for your own handwritten messages.

In these stages, you can also click “Prev” (previous) and make any changes you wish.  The card will turn over to the back page and you can either go back to make changes (“Prev) or “Add to Cart” if it is complete.  The site will then take you through the rest of the process.